Attract, hire, retain and promote quality talent

Accelerator participant resources

This site provides resources that support employer Accelerator programming facilitated by local delivery partners

If you are not currently enrolled in an Accelerator program with a local provider, reach out to your local chamber of commerce or network of employers to request the program and start implementing skills-based practices today with the online program and resources provided below

Attract, hire, retain and promote quality talen

Accelerator participant resources

The participant site provides online resources that support the hands-on Accelerator programming facilitated by local delivery partners

The Accelerator program is designed to help you:

  • Find qualified candidates to fill job openings
  • Assess candidates’ skills and knowledge to hire employees set up for success
  • Use inclusive practices to build a diverse and talented workforce
  • Provide employee development to improve employee retention

Before you begin your program, build your foundation of skills-based practices

Complete the Skillful Talent Series

Instructions to access the eLearning


Visit​ and click the "Create new account” button in the middle of the page


Fill in your profile information and use the affiliate code EASELF22​​ to create your new account


An account confirmation will go to your email
(be sure to check your junk folder too. If you do not receive the confirmation within 24 hours, please email


Confirm your account and log in via the account confirmation email


On the training dashboard, explore the page to learn about units to come and then select E-STS Navigation and then begin the first courses

Additional program resources

Live Skillful Talent Series video sessions

Recordings of trainings covering eLearning content

Skills-based sourcing and hiring playbook

Step-by-step playbook for applying skills-based practices

Employer workbook

Employer Excel tool to use throughout the program to implement skills-based practices



Skills needed

Define skills needed to succeed in the job


Candidate sourcing

Identify additional sources of talent


Skills validation

Validate and select candidates based on the skills that matter



Enable promising candidates to upskill into your open roles


Attraction and retention

Provide skills-based development and advancement opportunities



Formalize and scale skills-based practices in your organization

Testimonials from Accelerator program participants

My updated job posting had 18 applicants that were all qualified. The old one had one candidate that was way overqualified. I have hired for the position and am now trying to source these individuals (other qualified applicants) into other areas of our company.

- HR Director, Wholesale company

This program was a game changer. What I would do through the program in one hour would take me 6-8 hours to do on my own. The progress we made was incredible.

- HR Generalist, Transportation services

After taking these trainings it made me have more confidence. When I started, I had 20-22 openings and now I have 5.​ This helped me with how to talk to prospects and ask the right questions.

- Recruiter, Commercial cleaning services