Understand skills-based practices

Build a foundation of skills-based practice knowledge before helping employers implement them

The Rework America Alliance Skillful Talent Series eLearning and Skills-Based Sourcing and Hiring Playbook provide a foundation in skills-based practices. Organization members working with employers to implement skills-based practices should complete the Skillful Talent Series eLearning before delivering an Accelerator Program

You are encouraged to share these links with employers to help them get started with skills-based practices

Skillful Talent Series - Attract the right talent
Skillful Talent Series - Candidate evaluation
Skills-Based Sourcing & Hiring Playbook

The content from the Skillful Talent Series has been valuable for me and my workers, and it is helping me access candidates that would have otherwise been overlooked. I was able to learn the concepts for skills-based hiring and was provided additional tools and resources to create and update job postings. Having this available digitally will be a great way for companies to deploy more broadly across their organization.

Nicole McMurray

Regional Manager, AppleOne