Understand skills-based practices

Build a foundation of skills-based practice knowledge before helping employers implement them

The Rework America Alliance Skillful Talent Series, video sessions, and Skills-Based Sourcing and Hiring Playbook provide a foundation in skills-based practices. All program facilitators and coaches should complete the Skillful Talent Series ​ and watch the last two videos from the live sessions before delivering an Accelerator Program

Instructions to access the eLearning

1. Visit and click the "Create new account” button in the middle of the page

2. Fill in your profile information and use the affiliate code EASELF22​ to create your new account

3. An account confirmation will go to your email (be sure to check your junk folder too. If you do not receive the confirmation within 24 hours, please email

4. Confirm your account and log in via the account confirmation email

5. On the training dashboard, explore the page to learn about units to come and then select E-STS Navigation and then begin the first courses

Skillful Talent Series
Live Skillful Talent Series video sessions
Skills-Based Sourcing & Hiring Playbook

The content from the Skillful Talent Series has been valuable for me and my workers, and it is helping me access candidates that would have otherwise been overlooked. I was able to learn the concepts for skills-based hiring and was provided additional tools and resources to create and update job postings. Having this available digitally will be a great way for companies to deploy more broadly across their organization.

Nicole McMurray

Regional Manager, AppleOne