Coaching employers

Guiding employers in 1:1 sessions ​

The Accelerator coaching program helps coaches provide hands-on support for employers implementing skills-based practices

The support materials include


Coaching roadmap

Potential topics to cover and outputs to work towards with employers


Session agendas

High-level plans for what to cover in 1:1 sessions


Key employer resources

Links to tools and materials for employers


Tips and FAQs

Talking points for common questions and pitfalls

Before you begin your program

Review the coaching program and best practice document

Familiarize yourself with the employer workbook that you will share with the employer and work through during program

The coaching program is designed to be delivered in 4-8 sessions, with materials available to cover a total of 8.

Work with your employer 1:1 to prioritize which sessions will be right for them to cover using the guidance in the context and roadmap coaching guide:

1. Context and roadmap
2. Define skills needed
3. Expand candidate sourcing
4. Validate for the skills that matter
5. Select candidates based on skills
6. Onboard to address skill gaps
7. Create internal opportunities to retain talent
8. Formalize and scale skills-based practices