Recruiting employers

Identify and recruit employers to join your program cohort
Identifying employers

Leverage existing relationships where possible through sharing the opportunity with employers you already work with directly and expanding your employer outreach through existing networks of employers

Examples of networks to contact

  • Organizations that work with you or your organization
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Trade unions
  • Industry groups
  • Local workforce or economic development associations
  • Community-based organizations
  • Organizations that offer career services
Starting the Conversation

Below are customizable outreach materials to give a background on the Accelerator program and how to get involved

Email template for leaders of employer networks
Email template for employer outreach
Skills-based practices flyer
​ Accelerator program flyer
Employer pitch deck and facilitation guide

For an opportunity to present at an employer gathering of any kind

Network leader pitch deck

For an opportunity to meet with or present to a leader of an employer network

Supporting the conversation

Employer case studies and impact stories can help to provide materials and talking points in conversations, meetings, seminars, trainings, or other forums where you are meeting with employers. The success stories provide support of why the program is worth the time and reinforce that A) they are not the first to adopt skills-based practices and B) the organizations that have participated in the Accelerator program have had successful, tangible results

They are not the first to adopt skills-based training

The organizations that have participated in the Accelerator program have had successful, tangible result

Signing up employers

How employers can sign up

To keep track of your committed employers, you could utilize a tool of your preference (e.g., Qualtrics survey, Excel sheet, Google form). There is space to include a sign-up link on all flyers

What you can keep track of on sign-up forms – this information can be helpful with program logistics and communicating the impact of your programming

  • Participant Name
  • Participant email
  • Organization name
  • Organization industry
  • Organization location
  • Participant job title in organization
  • Number of employees in organization
  • Number of roles the participant anticipates hiring for in the next 12 months