Implementing events

Higher touch Accelerator program

Self paced primer

All participants should take the Skillful Talent Series eLearning on the participant website before engaging in the program

Employer coaching

As part of the Accelerator program, you will deliver hands-on 1:1 support to employers during 4-8 sessions

See: Coaching employers for details and resources

Cohort events: Networking events

A minimum of one networking event is recommended to make connections between the employer cohort and local organizations that can help with sourcing, upskilling, and reskilling workers. Consider inviting local employers that are not yet involved in the Accelerator program to generate interest for future cohorts

Option 1


Accelerator midpoint event


Around the halfway point of your programming

Sample agenda


Option 2


Accelerator culmination event


At the end of your programming

Sample agenda


Cohort events: Interactive presentations with group working sessions

The presentations and workshops are designed to compliment one another and can be delivered to participants as part of the same event or sitting

Presentation #1

Defining skills needs and sourcing non-traditional candidates Accompanying Groupworking session #1: Skills-based job postings and creating a sourcing plan

Presentation #2

Validating and selecting candidates based on skills
Accompanying​ Group working session#2:​ Creating skills-based interview guides, assessments and selection rubrics

Presentation #3

Onboarding and employee development for current and upcoming roles
Accompanying​ Group working session #3: Creating your development plans for onboarding and progressions

Presentation #4

Strategies for scaling skills-based practices

Accompanying Group working session #4: Creating a change management plan to scale skills-based practices