Preparing for delivery

Enhancement of current offerings

Accelerator program elements can be incorporated into current offerings or scheduled seperately

When creating your roadmap consider the following questions for which elements you might want to include

Self-paced primer

Do you have employers that you currently serve that could benefit from taking the Skillful Talent Series eLearning? How can you distribute the information for the participant site to help them register for the series?

Structured coaching

Do you have 1:1 meetings or working sessions with employers? Can you provide hands-on support for implementing skills-based practices during these times? Do you want to schedule additional time with employers to provide hands-on support?


What events or group trainings do you already host with employers in your network? Can you add skills-based practices onto the agenda for pre-existing events or incorporate skills-based practice concepts into the topics you are presenting? Do you want to host additional group trainings for these practices?

Create your roadmap to incorporate the skills-based practices into your current programming with program roadmap and delivery organization tool
Program roadmap and delivery tool